Post January 26th, 2010, 6:25 pm

Running InfoPath with a Portus Web Service

Infopath 2007 gives a very simple mechanism to create an InfoPath form based on a Portus Web Services. For some reason with InfoPath 2007, the form creation process works very well but when one tries to preview the form, it says it cannot connect to the service or the form cannot be opened. This is due to some new security settings but can be bypassed as follows for preview forms:

1. Go to 'Tools->Trust Centre...'
2. Click on the option at the bottom of the 'Trusted Publishers' page entitled 'Allow fully trusted forms to run on my computer' and click ok.

Once this is set, prior to previewing a form, do the following:

1.Goto 'Preview->Preview Settings'
2. Select 'Security and Trust'.
3. In the 'Security Level' panel, unclick 'Automatically determine security level' and click on the 'Full Trust' radio button.

This allows the form to be previewed and tested.